I love ‘Flight of the Conchords’

I really do love this show. Every few years a comedy comes along that could actually have been made especially for me – ‘Father Ted‘ being probably the last one. ‘Flight of the Conchords‘ is the latest.


DVD cover

What do I love about it? The way the gags are underplayed so you might even miss them the first time you watch, the way no-one is being zany or wacky to get their laughs, the surreal edges to it, the characters who seem to get funnier the more you get to know them.

The thing(s) I love most of it, thought, are the songs. Comedy and music are often best kept away from each other – I recently picked up the first Tenacious D CD , and I’m glad I didn’t spend much money on it, cause it really is very poor. I can’t imaging anyone listening to it all more than about twice, and that includes the people who made it. The Conchords music, on the other hand, gets better the more you hear it. ‘Ladies of the World‘ (to pick one not quite at random) is not only a fine send up of the lover-man style of funky music, it is also a very well written song. And it is very well performed.

Anyway, I have season 2 on pre-order and the week I’ve got to wait is killing me – one of the downsides to not having a TV…


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