To Much Music: A Coping Strategy

I have too much music.  The question is: just what am I going to listen to today?

Since I was 19 or so, I have bought probably 2 albums per week, sometimes more. Recently, with my Emusic subscription and the keen prices of 7digital et al, it may even work out at more than that.  Since the reason I buy it in the first place is to listen to it, the question arises every day: What am I going to listen to?


Wilco (the album)

It doesn’t help that I feel somehow guilty if I listen to album A more than album B, and since I tend to play all my music through iTunes these days I know exactly when album B is getting played more than A.  Sometimes this is because B is more catchy, or less arty or whatever. Sometimes it’s because B is newer. Sometimes it’s because B is more obvious and i am more likely to think to play B than A, even if A is the album that is going to stay with me for years – sometimes albums need more work to worm their way into your mind.

This month ‘Wilco [the album]‘ by Wilco would have got played a lot more if  I hadn’t started listening to Kent again (see previous posts). It has got to the stage where I have made a playlist of albums I think  I may have passed over, and thanks to the magic of iTunes, once they have been played 10 times they disappear from the playlist. All I have to do is remember to play that playlist.

Surely, this is a sign I have bought far, far, too much music?


2 thoughts on “To Much Music: A Coping Strategy

  1. What a mean Coping Strategy…same like Copy Paste…?

  2. i meant like a strategy to cope with all the music and not just end up playing the same stuff. i think ‘listening strategy’ would’ve been just as good, but then i was writing it at 3am

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