Stonehenge was a… whatever


Stonehenge, July 1877 by Philip Rupert Acott

Stonehenge. It fascinates people – Wow it’s thousands of years old! Wow! all the druids sacrificed humans there! Wow it lines up with the sun on one day of the year! wow.. etc. The latest thing I have heard is that it is a prehistoric concert venue. Which is bloody stupid. Why can’t people leave it all alone?

The simple fact is the matter is that this structure is 5000 years old – pretty much the definition of ‘prehistoric’ I would have thought – and was made by people who left no written record of their culture. Whatever the culture was, I doubt it would make any sense to the 21st century western mind.

Various theories have been put forward:

  • It was the druids (although it pre-dated the druids by 3000 years or so, and no-one knows what the druids did, cause they didn’t write anything down either)
  • It was a place of pilgrimage (the many skeletons found in the area may be people who came to Stonehenge to be cured and weren’t)
  • It was something to do with UFOs (of course it was. UFOs are responsible for everything)
  • Humans were sacrificed there to sun/moon god(s) (possible, there was a lot of that going on back then, but that doesn’t tell you anything. For all we know it was an operating theatre, and all the bones are from patients who didn’t make it)
  • It lines up with the sun! which is so.. you know.. significant! (it’s going to line up once a year with something isn’t it? That’s not rocket science)

It’s all a waste of time speculating, we are never going to know. So why don’t people just shut up about it. Starting with me, I’m shutting up about it… now.


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