Music Amnesty – update

WarningWell the plan was to put my Emusic subscription on hold for 3 months while I had a really good listen to the hundreds of albums I have already. Maybe I might rip a few more unfairly ignored CDs into iTunes and give them a damn good listening. Also, this might save me a bit of money. This plan seems to have gone badly wrong. Since I started the music amnesty, I have bought the following:

  • a 3 CD Sinatra set (!)
  • World of Fox ‘Everything is for the best’
  • Michael Brook & Djivan Gasparyan ‘Penumbra
  • Kent ‘Du Och Jag Döden
  • The Soundcarriers ‘Harmonium
  • Flight of the Conchords ‘Flight of the Conchords
  • Kent ‘The Hjärta & Smärta EP
  • Phoenix ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’
  • ‘Wilco [The Album]’
  • ‘Information Inspiration 3’
  • ….and so on. I think there’s another 3 or 4 but I’m bored with typing

Now it looks to me that this plan isn’t going too well, although I must say these are some of the best albums I’ve bought in a while. I think the Emusic subscription kicks in later this month, changing everything, unless the prices have gone up – there seem to be big changes coming along at Emusic.


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