What is the matter with people? (AKA just how much money do these people think everyone else earns?)

Now this has really got me annoyed. The BBC website has investigated just what constituted a big salary these days – and they say the median average is currently about £25,000 – read it here.

Money£25K  is quite a lot more than I am ‘pulling down’. What has got me quite angry is the comments people have left at the bottom. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t read the comments at the bottom of webpages, it’ll will just get me annoyed, but i wasn’t thinking, and before I knew it there was steam coming out of my ears.

One of the comments claims that it is impossible to live in the south-east of England for less than £60K – – “... At £100k you might just have a reasonable house, a newish car and one foreign holiday a year for you and the kids…“. What fucking planet is this man on?

Another claims that “..According to them I’m in the top 10% but I am broke? My partner, a child minder, earns enough to also put her in the top 10% but she is broke…” You should bear in mind that the top 10% of wages is just shy of £45,000. And the hell do you get to earn that kind of money as a child minder? Who is paying their babysitters this kind of stupid money?

The one question that needs asking and damn well needs answering is: Why do the rich bastards fail to see just how well off they are? Do they realise there are people out with income of £5000? Or is it that they just don’t fucking care?


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