Watch out for lost time

watch 2

My replacment timepiece, this one works

It’s an old cliché that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but it is often true. It is also surprising how lost I feel when I don’t know what time it is. Can you tell where this is going yet?

My new-ish (month old) watch started losing time a few days ago, about 40 minutes through the day, so I took it back and got a fresh one. Just for a couple of days I was confused and unsettled – because I didn’t know what time it was, or at least I wasn’t sure if I had lost 15 minutes or so,  and the uncertainty was messing with my head. I wasn’t as if I had a plane to catch or anything, just getting to work on time and going for my lunch at the correct time, and most importantly, finishing work at the correct time.

Maybe it’s a location thing: I like to know where I am, not just from a physical location point of view it seems, but also in space-time. I bet Doctor Who’s timepiece shows the correct time at all times.


One thought on “Watch out for lost time

  1. liladreams says:

    I get disorientated if I don’t have a watch on when I lift my right wrist to check the time. It’s a habitual think I think. But then again it also gives you a sense of control over what you’re doing.

    That and the fact that I’d hate to work past my finish time : )

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