Music Amnesty – too much music

I have too much music. Really far far too much. Emusic is partly to blame, my bad habits are also in the frame for this one. I like to give each new record I buy a fair chance to be heard (unless it is really bad) and sometimes there is just so much new stuff for me to listen to that some good stuff just doesn’t get heard before my Emusic subscription re-spawns and I start again…

So I have put Emusic on hold for 3 months while i try to catch up with stuff. I have already compiled a playlist of music that needs a second chance, the slight problem of it running to 46 albums is not going to get me down

Really what I’m trying to do is hear some old stuff I don’t play that often any more. Most of my CD collection is not yet MP3’d, so I suppose I could make a start on that too.


One thought on “Music Amnesty – too much music

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