Onions! And Other Things I’m Growing

It seems to be the latest craze – but I’m not doing it to be ‘hip’ – growing your own veg. When I were a lad, where the garden now would be a water-feature or whatever, was just a load of bean canes and rows of potato plants.


Onions on left are more recent. Flowers and bike not mine.

And now it seesm to have come around again, when everyone is growing potato plants in a pot on their patio. I don’t have a patio (just a yard) and I don’t eat potatoes all that much (I’m a pasta/rice kinda guy), but I seem to have found myself growing the following:

  • Tomato (4 plants, + many seeds that don’t seem to be sprouting in a fancy bucket)
  • Onions (6 troughs of Stuttgater onion sets that are doing really well)
  • Jalapeno (1 bucket of seeds that aren’t doing anything)
  • Oregano (Survived outside all winter, only to be aphid food this spring. Grrr!)
  • Chives (Just about survived winter, spring aphids got it. It might live)
  • Parsley (aphids nearly got it. Doing well otherwise)
  • Radishes (on windowsill inside,are growing like nutters)

I have high hopes for the onions, as I eat loads of them. The sets were really cheap – 10p for a bag, and I have now spent about £8 making a home for them.

I wouldn’t be growing this stuff if I didn’t think it was going to survive. Am I turning into an optimist?


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