Why do I twitter?


My Twitter page, yesterday

I twitter. So does everyone else. I bet your granny has started twittering, even. Even though I have posted about 400 tweets, I still have no clear idea why.

Reading posts, I can just about understand – it’s good to know when there’s something new on The Onion site, some of the comedians post funny, or link to something amusing. Why would I tweet, though? I’m not that funny. Or interesting. I have nothing to sell. Yet I have followers, none of them are people I know in ‘real life’.

People continually prophesy that Twitter is the future, and there are millions to be made, but it’s hard to see how. You can advertise on it – but it’s very easy to opt out of it, easier to ignore.

Is everyone on there just waiting for the fun to start? What is the Emperor wearing, exactly?


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