Time for some book-learnin’!


'The Rest Is Noise'

Before my brain packs in for good and I start watching Big Brother or some other tripe -which is unlikely, as i don’t have TV – I’m going to have to give it some exercise. I have decided to do this by reading about stuff i know nothing about, but am sort-of interested in. Rather than fiction, which is all made-up, you know.

At the moment I am reading ‘The Rest Is Noise: Listening To The Twentieth Century’ by Alex Ross, a history of 20th century music (not pop or rock, although I gather the Velvet underground make an appearance towards the end). I fully expect to be bulk-buying Messiaen CDs before I’m more than half-way through.

I am also trying to read a box-set of ‘Brief Introduction to.. ‘ covering art-history, design, architectury and the like. I say ‘trying’ because it has gone missing in the post. Twice. It can be quite annoying when an impulse purchase takes over a month to arrive, takes the delight out of it, really. I only bought it because the OUP has a half-price sale on. I’ll let you know what I think of it should I ever get the chance to read it.


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