I’ve got a new toy!


New Guitar (& my old one)

Well, it’s not a toy as such. For the frankly ridiculous sum of £21.60, I’ve got a short-scale electric guitar (plus a 5watt amp). It’s designed for children, really, but since the fretboard is roughly the same size as a ‘proper’ guitar, adults can use it too. Since it is a hell of a lot shorter than a normal guitar, it needs to be tuned considerably higher to maintain string tension, which is why I wanted it – chords that would be almost impossible to play on a normal guitar are pretty easy on this thing. I’m also thinking of going for an alternative tuning, so I can overdub chords over ‘normal’ chords and because of the different chord voicings and the higher notes and so on, it should sound quite nice. Slide-style guitar sounds pretty good on this, too, another reason to go for a different tuning. Ok, also it is very portable. If I ever need a guitar to be.


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