The Joy of Sporks


A spork in my kitchen

I love my spork. I really do. Knives? Forks? No. I’m not talking about the crappy little plastic things you get with your take-away jacket spuds – and I don’t do take-away jacket spuds – I’m talking about proper stainless steel sporks.

But why, Andrew? I hear you ask, ‘Is it because you are too lazy to cook a meal that can’t be cooked in one pot, and so you don’t need knives & forks ? Are you just trying to be clever and different?’ To which I can only answer: ‘Yes, ’tis true, I eat a lot of pasta dishes and rice dishes, where knives are not needed and forks don’t hold enough of the sauce, but where a spork can save the day’.

The thing about sporks is finding them – the 2 I’ve got left were discontinued lines, and I’m worried that one day they’ll be lost and I have have to eat my food like normal people.


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