I’m Listening To… Toumani Diabaté

toumaniI’m listening to The Mandé Variations by Toumani Diabaté at moment. I know ‘world music’ is a bit off-putting to a lot of people, but you ought to give this one a chance. I’m going to put you off even more by saying that TD is playing what is pretty much a huge harp. It is lovely stuff, though. Can I use the phrase ‘glittering cascades of sparkling notes’? Please? Suit yourself. Go and listen to the track ‘Elyne Road’ or download it or something. It’s really rather wonderful.


One thought on “I’m Listening To… Toumani Diabaté

  1. music4videos says:

    Thank you for bringing this artist to my attention, will look into it. I’ve posted various music videos on mu blog, feel free to visit.

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